What is your motivation to be healthy? – Take the focus off yourself

What is your motivation to be healthy? – Take the focus off yourself

We see healthy people all over the world. We hear about people late in their life being healthy and living an active lifestyle. Which brings up the question, why? What is your motivation to be healthy? Why do you stay active, day in and day out? How do you continue eating healthy? Many people will answer these questions, many ways. My question to YOU is – What is your motivation to be healthy?

In this article, I will share you my personal motivation to stay healthy and offer some food for thought about being healthy for not just yourself, but for others.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is a very interesting topic. Motivation is simply “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.” Or it can also mean, “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.”

OK.. But what does any of that mean? Let me give you an example that will put motivation into perspective.

I will give you an easy one. Eating. Why are we motivated to eat? Easy- we are motivated to eat because it is survival instinct. Our bodies need proper nutrients to operate and grow. This is a very practical example but we are motivated by our survival instinct to eat.

I will offer up another example. Making or having money. What is our motivation to make or have money? A popular answer would be to have things. To buy things. To pay bills. To go out and do things.

If I am wrong, please tell me that I am wrong.

Motivation starts with you. The majority of the time, we are motivated to do something because it satisfies us. Us meaning you. We become selfish in terms of motivation.

Something I want to talk about is taking that internal motivation towards something and use it in a positive unselfish way.

Take the Focus off YOURSELF

I do not want to get too far off topic here so lets stay on the conversation of being healthy.

When I ask you what your motivation to be healthy is, what is your answer?

Years ago, I would have answered that question by saying, I want to be ripped. I want to look amazing. I want to have six-pack abs. Basically I want my personal appearance to look a specific way.

Do you know what happens NATURALLY when you live a healthy lifestyle? Yes! Your physical appearance changes and you start to look the best you ever have. This happens NATURALLY when you eat healthy, get your sleep, and exercise.

So why can’t we take the focus off ourselves? Our motivation to be healthy should not just be for our own well-being. Motivation to be healthy is much more than just doing it for you.

My Motivation to Be Healthy

So, Joseph, what is your motivation to be healthy?

This is something I have talked to many people about. With my understanding of what being healthy naturally creates, I take myself out of my motivation, in some degree.

My motivation to be healthy comes from the vision I have when I am in my 60s, 70s, 80s, etc. When I see myself in the later years of my life, I see a beautiful baseball field. I am playing catch with my children. I am playing catch with my grandchildren. I am running around outside, playing basketball with my younger family members.

I want to stay healthy for the people around me. I want to be able to get up, PAIN FREE, and play with my children and my grandchildren.

I hear so many stories, of individuals in the later years of their life, and they are constantly experiencing physical pain. That is something I do not want to experience. Instead, I want to enjoy the experiences in my later years. Being able to enjoy the lives of others and do the things they do, motivates me to live healthy now.

Obviously there will be a time when I will be unable to do some of the things I will want to do, but I am not worried about that. My whole motivation to live a healthy life is to slow down the aging process and enjoy the experiences I have with others, late into my life.

Become Selfless!

We tend to place the majority of our focus on ourselves. I want to offer up a different perspective and opinion.

What if we place more focus on others and their lives? Yes, we need to find a perfect balance between the two because we still need to grow and evolve as an individual but we can also learn and grow and evolve through the lives of others.

I will even put this into more relatable terms. Take my motivation to be healthy for example. Not only am I living a healthy life for myself, but I am doing it for others. I understand the benefits of being healthy, so I find a different form of motivation. Being able to enjoy life in my later years with others is my motivation. I place some focus on myself, but I also focus on what it will do to the lives of others around me.

Becoming selfless is not that hard when you have a conscious effort in becoming selfless.

So again, I will ask you, what is your motivation to be healthy? Remember to take the focus off yourself and think about how it will affect the lives around you.

I have always been one to try to stay positive and think about others. Creating a 5-second period where you ask yourself, how is this going to affect others? That 5-second period can make your life more fulfilling than you can ever imagine.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope you can take something positive out of the words I have written down. If you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them in the box below.

With Gratitude,


8 thoughts on “What is your motivation to be healthy? – Take the focus off yourself

  1. Good one! Health and Fitness is a key involvement of my own and it is a fact of life that the more information one get’s on this topic – as long as it is valid information of course – the better.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Ron! I am constantly looking for new ways and new information on the subject!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article!

      With Gratitude,

  2. Some very useful tips here! I like how you brought up being selfless and encouraging people to think about how their actions will impact others, great stuff!

    1. Thank you Nick. Many people do not want to think about how their actions will impact others. They want to make a decision based solely on personal satisfaction. I was in that same boat at a point in my life but since I have made the conscious effort to think about the affect my decisions have on others, I live a more fulfilling life.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article!

      With Gratitude,

  3. Great post, makes me think really. Just like you, when I was younger, my reason for being healthy was a beautiful body, Six pack abs, handsome appearance and to be noticed by the opposite sex. Now days, the importance with being healthy has much to do with me wanting to live a long life, having much energy, being able to move my body the way I want and not to be sick. Of course, I want to be strong for my family and friends. Thank you for a interesting article.

    1. It is really interesting to look back on our lives. Noticing how we use to be or how we use to act. How we use to think and how we use to react to certain things in our lives. Reflection is very powerful because how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we came from?
      Thank you for reading and commenting on this article!

      With Gratitude,

  4. If you would’ve asked me years ago why I wanted to be healthy It would’ve been for personal appearance, “to be liked”. Now being older and having kids of my own I realize how important it is for me to keep a healthy body for my kids and to instill the same message to them. I want to be running around with my kids and their kids when they get older. Thanks for another great read

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Being able to run around with your children shows them there is more to life than just being inside, staring at a screen or monitor all day. Get out! Be active! And like you said… set the example to everyone you surround yourself with, that you can still be active as you get older!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article!

      With Gratitude,

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